PoeDreams I

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

As of this writing, I'm still in Baguio, and I had one of "those" dreams again. They are pretty strange dreams where I am in some empty room with a table, a chair, writing instruments and some paper... and I write a song of praise to God. Weird. Weird. Weird.

Now I usually forget the songs I write in my dream when I wake up in the morning, despite my best efforts to memorize all the lines! (During my dream, I figure that the melody is so-so, but I just NEED to DOCUMENT the lyrics!) It's amazing that today, I have the opportunity to actually "preserve" my lyrics (I took fragments of my dream, typed it in my laptop which is just a few feet away. Very convenient.).

I figured I'd name them "PoeDreams," since I got them from sleeping anyway.*


Human beings
Created supreme
Peak of creation
Envy of all
Sin made us fall
But You came and broke the law

How could it be
My Savior, my King
You gave Your life for me

I come
With an empty palm
Now You dwell in my heart
As Your loving response

My God is good
My God is good

Forever You reign
My Lord who once was slain

Beginning Anew

Monday, December 29, 2008

Today is December 28, 2008. The last Sunday of the year 2008. Less than 96 hours away from the so-called "New Year."

I'm doing such a cliche'd thing - writing an entry entitled "Beginning Anew." How unoriginal. But, trust me, this is for a reason. I'm starting off on a "clean slate," that is, putting this entry in an empty, soon-to-be-filled, blog. I have decided I want to grow as a person, especially on the spiritual aspect, and in order to do this, I need to "throw away extra luggage" (as said the book of Hebrews). Also, since I really never had that habit of writing in a diary, like other people (blogging, on the other hand, just seems so natural), I'd like to have a special place in the digital world for documenting my journey through life and through Christ. (Wow. It sounds even more credible with the fact that I'm turning 18 - *ehem* supposedly "transition to adulthood" blah - this March.)

However, aside from all of that, something keeps bugging me. There's that nagging in my heart and brain that I want to write something. I don't know what "that" is - a poem, an essay, a short story... whatever - all I know is, there is that desire in me to write (though I am no exceptional writer) and shell my heart out, despite my limited vocabulary and trail of thought.

As for 2009, I want to grow more (in all those ending with an -al aspects... If I'm going to earn a few millimeters left before I stop growing, those few millimeters are very much welcome. Haha.), learn more (Tsk. Tsk. The never-ending course called "life."), and love more (Focus on the "Spread the Love. Spread the Word." motto which Kev and I coined together. I may have no life verse, but if there is such a thing as a life quote, that is it.). I'm more determined than ever to live my life out and be that fruit-bearing branch I was set out to be.*

P.S. About my post last year, yeah, I somehow achieved my goals.


Friday, December 26, 2008

I gaze in awe
At the sight that unfolds
Through the fireworks
Through the fireworks

A rainbow of colors
A multitude of dancers

And here I am standing
Underneath its glory
Not knowing what to do

As the lights come
Falling down through the sky
My eyes know too clear
They are not shooting stars

And here I am standing
Underneath its glory
Not knowing what to do


Made this poem after watching the fireworks display at SM Baguio. A fireworks display is really stunning.*