It's almost December.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here I am once again stuck in limbo between bumming and doing schoolwork, and it is so frustrating. Half of your being wants to do something that you can say you have accomplished, while the other half wants to lounge around and do nothing. So once again, in an effort to start a momentum of doing schoolwork, here I am. Blogging. Again. After a long long time.

Less than three weeks left, and Finals week is there. Less than a month, and Christmas comes. Less than 40 days, and welcome New Year!

I want to go do something really creative right now, but I guess blogging will suffice. This term is pretty life-changing because I'm a bit active with non-academic activities, and somehow, I have learned that grades do not sum up who you are in college. I thank God for that. I'm not as grade-conscious as I was when I first stepped into La Salle, and I appreciate how it is to have a circle of friends who doesn't mind being weird (actually, sometimes, very weird) and laughing at seemingly (or maybe really) stupid things quite often. Life's fun like that. Even without a love life. LOL.

I've lately been listening to Owl City (a.k.a. Adam Young), and his music de-stresses me... especially his songs "Hello Seattle" and "Tidal Wave." Haha. I love that "Tidal Wave" has a subtle Christian theme to it, while at the same time being a general song.

Yeah, I'm actually reading Joshua in the Old Testament right now. Joshua is just "wow". He does whatever God commands without question because he knows that what God has in mind is for their (Israelites') own good, and that, I must say, is extreme faith. Wow.

I guess that's all for now. Haven;t really written a "regular" blog for quite some time now, so this is refreshing. Oh, BTW, I had typhoid during our Cebu plant visit (October 21-24), and I was probably the only one who lost weight during that trip. (That made October quite an adventure.)

To end this post, here's a quote that's been pooping in my head every now and then (I do not know were I got it, but I remember it quite frequently):
"A Christian is an ordinary person living an extraordinary life."