My Artsy Self Needs Some Expressing

Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is what I get for taking up Engineering as a college course - the right side of my brain gets dried up. So, here goes an on-the-spot poem about... we are to find out. Hihi.

The Crowd

Look around.

Many people are passing by.
Faces unknown,
those who you will never see again.
In their world, you are nothing.
In your world, they are nothing.
Yet, each one of you, I know.
I know full well.

You are all special in my eyes,
and I yearn for that day
you will see just how important your life is.

No matter how the world sees you -
even if you are just a tiny speck living among multitudes -
Always remember -
You are known and loved -
You are loved and known.


Okay... somehow, the poem turned out like that. Finally, that concept stuck in my head for quite a long time made its way out... even if it turned out different than what I thought it should be.

I don't get it why my poems always revolve around God. They just do. It's probably the overflow of my soul. Anyway...

It's midterms week, and I cannot feel it. Oh well. Nothing much happening... At least I got to see Daryl Marasigan (a balikbayan friend) tomorrow. Weeee.

P.S. At last two lines: They were taken from "Bombay Rain" by Caedmon's Call. Music is mysteriously finds its way into my brain. Hehe.