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Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's another typical Saturday afternoon,
And here I am inside me room
Typing words for a blog I haven't written to
Since the ninth of July, three months through.

Once again here I go
Trying to express my inner thoughts
And I should be doing my homework now
In accounting and economics a.k.a ENGECON!

In other words... I missed blogging (and writing crazy poems. haha), and I've waited for that ideal moment to start again. I'm now in my second trimester of third year life (that makes me feel old), and so far, everything's okay. I need some excitement in my life. LOL. In other thought, aside from watching "Up" (which, in my opinion, is Pixar's best feature to date), last term has been pretty exciting.

My CGPA was already qualified for first honors dean's list even if those are just the grades for 16 out of 17 units, however, due to a crazy chain of events, which included my programming professor getting mad at our class (and giving almost everyone a grade of 0.0) because our programs are similar (therefore concluding that we copied each other's programs when in fact, the similarities were just mere coincidences); having a panic attack, severe headaches, crying because of a one unit subject and getting a high-grade fever out of nowhere; and, in the end, being given a "grace grade" (though I wanted a higher grade) of 1.0.

(Note: That was one very long run-on sentence.)

That happened last September 9, 2009 (09/09/09), and was one of the toughest days in my academic life, but that's what makes life good. LOL. I'm so glad those are all behind me now.

BTW, this is one weird year. First the AH1N1 scare and just a few weeks ago, it was typhoon Ondoy followed by Peping.

Anyway... Have you ever felt like all people are quite good at something, while you are just so-so good at what you do? I have been thinking about that recently. Such a weird feeling. I can draw, but my drawings aren't at par to what I have pictured in side my head. Same goes with all other endeavors like writing, playing musical instruments, singing, acting, etc... Or maybe I'm just comparing too much... which I am most likely doing. Haha. Anyway, time to get back to my homework!!!


Chette said...

hey! wanna exchange links? XD I love how you blog :)

- Chette